5x16 Receiver Powered Radial Multiswitch

5x16 Receiver Powered Radial Multiswitch
Model: MSR516
No of Inputs: 4 x Satellite and 1 x Terrestrial
No of Outputs: 16
Frequency range - Satellite: 950 to 2150MHz
Frequency range - Terrestrial: 40 to 860MHz
Gain - Satellite: 3dB ±2dB
Gain - Terrestrial: 4dB ±2dB
Max input level - Satellite: 98dBμV ±2dB
Max input level - Terrestrial: 85dBμV ±2dB
Max output level - Satellite (IMD³ – 35dB): 102dBμV ±2dB
Max output level - Terrestrial (IMD³ – 60dB): 94dBμV ±2dB
Isolation - Satellite / Satellite: >27dB
Isolation - Satellite / Terrestrial: >30dB
Connectors: F – Female
Masthead switchable voltage (Max): 12V @ 100mA with S/C protection
Maximum load to inputs: 500mA
Voltage / Power Consumption Input mains voltage: 13/18V 160mA max
Temperature range: 0 – +500C
Earth Post: 1 x 9mm2
Dimensions including connectors and earth post: 280 x 108 x 36mm
Weight: 0.55kg

Small blocks of apartments and houses may not have a convenient mains supply to power a conventional multiswitch. MSR multiswitches solve the problem. MSR can be powered by a single satellite receiver, an 18V power supply in each apartment or a single 18V power supply through the auxiliary DC input offering complete powering flexibility. MSR multiswitches are designed for up to 70 metres of type 100 coaxial cable between the LNB and the furthest outlet point.

  • Receiver Powered Satellite Multiswitches for where communal mains power is not available
  • Powered by a single receiver or auxiliary power supplies
  • Can be used as a mains powered radial multiswitch with V75-185 18V 500mA PSU.
  • Uses a Quattro LNB for professional results (recommended Vision V85-401QT)
  • Switchable 12V/100mA power for masthead amplifier
  • Ideal for small IRS installations in MDU’s
  • Suitable for Sky, Freesat and multi-room satellite installations in domestic systems


5x16 Receiver Powered Radial Multiswitch


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