X8-4G UHF TV aerial with 4G LTE Rejection 40 element UHF TV aerial

X8-4G UHF TV aerial with 4G LTE Rejection 40 element UHF TV aerial

The X8-4G UHF TV aerial is designed for UK wideband digital TV applications between UHF TV channels 21 & 60. Mounted on a sturdy 16mm boom this aerial offers high value/performance ratio with good directivity. It also has excellent gain and is tuned to reject 4G LTE signal interference. The fold down elements are designed to minimise shipping and storage volumes and yet the whole aerial is easy to assemble without tools. X8-4G is supplied with a heavy duty tilt clamp for tail mounting and also with a 16mm cradle for optional centre mount.

Model: X8-4G
Frequency Range: UK UHF TV Channels 21 to 60. 470 to 790MHz
No of directors: 7 bays of 4 directors
Dipole & balun: Full Wave Wideband with resonator and PCB Balun
Gain Typical dBd (dBi): 12.0dB (14.15dB)
½ Power (-3dB) beam width acceptance angle: +/- 15.0°
Front – Back ratio: >-25dB
Connector: F female
Material: Magnesium/aluminium alloy 16mm boom and pressed director elements with tubular reflector elements. ABS director, reflector and dipole mouldings
Bracketry: Heavy duty zinc plated steel mast tilt clamp with thumbs screws for mast fixing and reflector brackets
Overall assembled dimension: 1255 x 422 x 580mm
Weight: 2.0kg


X8-4G UHF TV aerial with 4G LTE Rejection


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